3:33AM Relaxing Nightmare


3:33AM Relaxing Nightmare…

“It is the opposite of what many people usually dream about…
Most of the times I don’t remember what I dream and, if I remember, I can’t describe it,
at least not with words or images, but with music…”


“This music is an expression of a relaxed dream mixed together with a disruptive nightmare that I just had…

This time it was about the sun, yes…
this time I remember a sun, a clementine sun at 3:33AM…
that left me sweating and with my heart pounding…
with my arms and legs numbed, but totally relaxed and excited…

Like the most wanted dream in the world that only exists while you are asleep, and,
while you are dreaming,
there are voices and sounds that are desperately trying to take you back to reality…

Arghhh!!, reality… full of birds…

Like a normalcy bias in real life…

Real life…”

An improvised musical experiment recorded back in 2009 using the “Bloom” app as the main instrument and the original Kaossilator as the accompaniment synth together with some background noices and voices. Bloom was developed by the ambient legend Brian Eno and software engineer Peter Chilvers as a generative music application for the iphone and ipod touch that allows anyone to create unique patterns for ambient electronic music.


WHY do people SUDDENLY WAKE UP at 3:33AM???


©Eduardo Nava – February 2013



About improvisaciones - raptor0017

"Improvisations" are short stories, anecdotes, photographs, and ambient/rock-electronic music spontaneously generated throughout the imagination. *Love to get lost into surreal art. *Remedios Varo is my favorite artist. *Tangerine Dream and most rock-electronic music are my passion. --- "Improvisaciones" son relatos, cuentos, anectdotas, fotografías, y música electronica generados de forma espontánea a través de la imaginación. *Amo perderme en el arte surrealista. *Remedios Varo es mi artista favorita. *Tangerine Dream y la musica rock-electronico son mi pasion. @Raptor0017MX
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One Response to 3:33AM Relaxing Nightmare

  1. frokto says:

    flying high?!

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