They Are Behind You

Suddenly she went into shock.

At first we thought she was acting, and faking it.

Few minutes passed by and she was still walking around the area our two daughters and dog disappeared three years ago without any trace.

Since then we have been searching them with no success. That strange woman was our last resource.

Her aspect was very uncommon for a Shaman woman. She was wearing very dark sunglasses even when the day was foggy. Her outfit was very classy with high heels and lots of fine jewelry.

-What is happening? My wife asked her using a skeptical tone.
-What are you doing?
-Do you see them?

–I lost them!! Quiet! She exclaimed through her clenched teeth.

Then she approached us, took our hands, and started walking around pulling us to each of her sides squeezing our hands insanely hard.

I was going to drop her hand and stop that charade when I saw her hair waving like if there were strong winds. Amazing!

Then she started to move her head from one side to the other like if she were following something with her sight.

On one of her very abrupt turns, the sunglasses flew away behind us like if the wind took them off her face but there was no wind at all! Only on her!

Then I saw her eyes, NO eyes, they were completely white!

She was whispering nonsense phrases like “It’s all over me!” and “What are you doing?

We were totally scared but quiet and walking together with her, at times in circles.

After several minutes she stopped and turned to us, in the middle of the small circle we formed without saying anything at all. Her hair, clothes, and jewelry were still waving like if those strong winds were really happening.

Her eyes started to turn from white to normal, my wife and I staring, full of wonder and intrigue.

She was squeezing our hands extremely hard but it didn’t matter. Something unusual and enigmatic was happening in front of us.

Then, somehow we didn’t feel fear anymore, quite the contrary notwithstanding what was happening, we were experiencing the most peaceful moment of our lives.

Perhaps we were feeling the highest hope ever since our nightmare. She draw a small smile on her face.

Time passed by and she was sweating with little convulsions, and her hair was all messed up.

Then, we started to listen to strange and scary voices, like if the echo was repeating voices from another time.

Then abruptly her eyes were normal, beautiful big brown eyes, the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Her sight wasn’t on us though, it was like if she were looking through us.

A few minutes later the wind stopped blowing on her and she released our hands, filled with pain and anguish.

Then she raised her arm, pointed to our backs saying with a scary voice, “They are behind you…

A Dark Ambient Electronic Music improvisation using the iPad with the NLog Synth, Mixtikl, and Bass Drop apps. Also, some ambient noises and voices recorded using a digital recorder and digitally mixed together using Adobe Audition. The music is intended to be used as the “soundtrack” for the “They Are Behind You” short story. It is the point of view of the Shaman woman, it is about what she is feeling, seeing, and hearing while she is working her magic together with the love of the parents in pain and despair.

For best performance turn off the lights and use your headphones.


©Eduardo Nava – November 2012


About improvisaciones - raptor0017

"Improvisations" are short stories, anecdotes, photographs, and ambient/rock-electronic music spontaneously generated throughout the imagination. *Love to get lost into surreal art. *Remedios Varo is my favorite artist. *Tangerine Dream and most rock-electronic music are my passion. --- "Improvisaciones" son relatos, cuentos, anectdotas, fotografías, y música electronica generados de forma espontánea a través de la imaginación. *Amo perderme en el arte surrealista. *Remedios Varo es mi artista favorita. *Tangerine Dream y la musica rock-electronico son mi pasion. @Raptor0017MX
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