Too Big To Fail

Too Big To Fail

Too Big To Fail

Too big to fail?,
too small to succeed?.
too stressed to be in the middle!

The sound at the end of the track are coins being poured on a table.
I was trying to simulate a crash, a monetary system crash.

The face sculpture was made by a friend.
He did a really good job, and for me, it looks like a very stressed face.
This face was the inspiration for this music improvisation.

©Eduardo Nava – September 2013

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“The tragedy of my dreams is to wake up Reality…”

“That is why I try very hard not to wake her up
living in an infinite distraction
under the influence of the… iPadroid_Addiction.”

Music composed using mobile devices.
Digital edition and mixing using Adobe Audition.
Use your headphones for best performance and play it loud!

Thank you for watching and listening.


©Eduardo Nava – June 2013

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The Power Of Three

Music dedicated to all the good people around the world.

While there are more good people than bad people in the world we can still change for the better.

Never lose faith in the human race, we are still learning how to live together in peace and harmony.

For many, the power of three is the main force to be good. Keep good going!

For best performance use your headphones and play it loud!


©Eduardo Nava – April 2013

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Very Happy Music

I have been extremely busy the last couple of months. There have been lots of cyber-security incidents everywhere. I will write about it in one of my following posts even if the topic is not related to music or my regular blog-stuff.

This time I want to write about one of my favorite musicians: Jerome Froese

His music is very unique and diverse. It ranges from Electronic Rock, Guitartronica, Electronica, and New Age. Mostly Guitartronica as his describes it himself. It is an elegant mixture of electronic music with lots of guitars. Having the guitars as the main instrument. Any type of guitars and lots of keyboards.

I wish you could listen to all of his music all the way from Tangerine Dream, LOOM, and his solo projects. If you ask me what are my favorite tracks it could be a hard question to answer because I like almost all his music. Maybe I should start with “Novembernauts” and “The Speed Of Snow”.

But, you should listen to the following partial list:

  1. Novembernauts
  2. The Speed Of Snow
  3. My Reality At 52 Degrees Of Latitude
  4. Justice Of The Karma Law
  5. Airborne
  6. Inside The Secret
  7. D.I.T.S.
  8. C8_H10_N4_O2
  9. Paris In Peril
  10. Fight Of Fancy
  11. The Glowing Zodiac Wheel
  12. Playing For Penalties
  13. A Mellow Morning
  14. Crystal Red
  15. The Spirit Of The Czar
  16. Scope Of Mind
  17. The Comfort Zone
  18. Im Museum Fur Mechanik
  19. Friendship 7
  20. Hinterland
  21. Cartoony Universe
  22. From Kiev With Love
  23. Firetonges
  24. Time And Tide
  25. Stratosfear 1995

You can listen some of Jerome’s music available on youtube in the following link. Please search for “The Speed Of Snow“, “Time And Tide” (LOOM – Time and Tide – Live in Eindhoven, NL 2011), and, if you find “Novemebernauts” you MUST listen to it, a true Masterpiece:

— Jerome Froese Music —

The above link was made using the “tubalr” web tool for watching videos available on youtube at that precise moment when you click on it and do not match my above recommended list.

Far Side Of The Face - Jerome Froese 2012

Far Side Of The Face
Jerome Froese 2012

Novembernauts is a Very Happy Music. Every time that I listen to Novembernauts it makes me feel happy. Very intelligent music with 14:19 minutes long from the “Far Side Of The Face” CD album:

Minute Novembernauts anatomy
00:00 It starts very soft with a nice evolving/progressive mood. Like a classical music intro.
04:21 Change of gears to the top! Unexpected change of mood with Johannes Schmoelling signature keyboard (Poland, Logos, Firestarter, The Park Is Mine)
05:15 End of first climax, a nice switch to an awesome harmonic passage.
06:25 End of second climax and entering to the best mystical stage with a nice piano background and open sounds, perfect for very abstract minds. Nice soft guitar.
08:11 Another switch to a different interconnected harmonic passage but this time together with Johannes keyboard and Jeromes heavy guitar without disrupting the most harmonic music in the world. Yes the best music here. Ahhhh!….
11:25 End of the third orgasmic climax and entering to a “Very Happy Music!!” stage which combines everything together without loosing the whole concept of the track. Here is when I feel alive and fortunate to listen to this Masterpiece music. Very nice.
13:23 Oh NO!!! The end has arrived. A nice soft musical passage full of ‘open-spaces’ sounds announcing the end of the track.
14:19 Finito. Full of Dopamine!


©Eduardo Nava – February 2013

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3:33AM Relaxing Nightmare


3:33AM Relaxing Nightmare…

“It is the opposite of what many people usually dream about…
Most of the times I don’t remember what I dream and, if I remember, I can’t describe it,
at least not with words or images, but with music…”


“This music is an expression of a relaxed dream mixed together with a disruptive nightmare that I just had…

This time it was about the sun, yes…
this time I remember a sun, a clementine sun at 3:33AM…
that left me sweating and with my heart pounding…
with my arms and legs numbed, but totally relaxed and excited…

Like the most wanted dream in the world that only exists while you are asleep, and,
while you are dreaming,
there are voices and sounds that are desperately trying to take you back to reality…

Arghhh!!, reality… full of birds…

Like a normalcy bias in real life…

Real life…”

An improvised musical experiment recorded back in 2009 using the “Bloom” app as the main instrument and the original Kaossilator as the accompaniment synth together with some background noices and voices. Bloom was developed by the ambient legend Brian Eno and software engineer Peter Chilvers as a generative music application for the iphone and ipod touch that allows anyone to create unique patterns for ambient electronic music.


WHY do people SUDDENLY WAKE UP at 3:33AM???


©Eduardo Nava – February 2013


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Musica Electronica 2


Musica Electronica 2 – Space/Ambient Electronic Music

If the Universe is completely random then should it be meaningless?
If the Universe is meaningless then is Chaos ruling it?

What if the Universe is completely random and there is a perpetual change in a perfect constant balance between Cosmos and Chaos to keep an infinite harmony?

Now, if the Universe is not random at all and it follows a very strict order of events then it should be highly predictable and all things and conditions can be replicated exactly the same? That means that if we can take control of all the variables involved in all events then we should be able to predict everything with the highest probability to happen.

I enjoy spending some time watching the sky, sometimes during the day, sometimes at night. When I watch it at night I like to see the stars, the planets, the moon, and the constellations. During the day I like to watch the clouds drawing unique patterns. I do really like the sensation of a deep sky, open spaces, and us living at the bottom of the atmosphere. Our planet is like our ship traveling thru the universe taking us to the unknown. Our ship is full of life, full of perfectly balanced random patterns like the clouds in the sky, never twice the same.

For me, one of the most important points about composing “music-on-the-fly” is the random factor. Our minds have been programmed to follow patterns not just in music but everything else. If I play music without some sequenced patterns chances are that the outcome will be meaningless. But if I use some sequencers then there are some patterns (loops) to follow to satisfy our sense of order (predictable harmony).

I strongly believe that because of our programmed way of following structured patterns, because of the way we were educated to think, we get trapped inside a pre-programmed box. This is the reason why I think it is very hard for us to predict events. We tend to apply previous patterns from previous events to current and future events without taking all the variables involved into consideration. And the main reason why we miss to include all the variables into the mix is because almost all of them are randomly out of the box.

Most of the predictions that I know have never been accurate. There is only one major prediction that I remember it happened with a very high degree of precision.

I have a friend who was working for a very big financial institution in Mexico City in the early 2000’s. He was in charge of looking where to invest the money for this institution to provide the best investment portfolios. I used to ask him where to invest my money but his answer was always the same, “Do you have lots of money?

One day, back in 2005, he gave me a book and asked me to read it. The title of this book is “The Second Great Depression (Starting 2007 – Ending 2020)” from Warren Brussee. My friend told he was very convinced that almost everything on this book had a high probability to happen so it was very important to read it ASAP. When I started to read the book I was a little skeptical about many of the events described in it, but when I finished to read the first part I was scared. I took some precautions about my personal finances but I really wish I should have done more. Mr. Brussee really predicted some of the economic conditions that lead to the current recession. Amazingly he is not an economist but he observed most of the pertinent variables to make the call. A call that not even the most acclaimed economists were able to do back in 2005.

So, why is it so hard to predict major events like the one Mr. Brussee did it in 2005? I believe its because there are so many variables in play and most of them behave in random patterns. We can’t apply exactly the same patterns for similar events. The outcome is always different like the clouds in the sky.

Musica Electronica 2” is a live improvisation based on some balanced sequences and patterns played in an improvised fashion, an improvisation of random sequences to generate some harmonic patterns. An inspiration based on Space Electronic Music of the 70’s: open spaces, futuristic random sounds, some sequencers, and otherworldly themes.

This is one of my favorite Intentos because I was able to get a very relaxing musical passage that can be used for meditation, sleeping, or stress release.

A live musical attempt using the Kaossilator Pro tabletop and the Korg MicroKorg synth. Very few digital editing for basic restoration (background noise reduction) and slow 360 stereo field rotate effects. No MIDI, no compressor, no hard limiting, no pan/expand effects, and no normalizing process. Simple “mixing” using a Belkin star and recorded directly to a Zoom H2 (wav-format: 16bit, 44100Hz).

Turn off the lights and use your headphones for best performance.

Happy New Year 2013.


©Eduardo Nava – December 2012

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AQUA is Life

AQUA is Life

AQUA is Life. Ambient/Rock Electronic Music.

“Aqua is water.
Aqua is the most precious element on Earth and the Universe.
AQUA is Life”

We are living in one of the most amazing times in history. We have been evolving up to this point in our existence as the most powerful and intelligent living beings on the face of our planet Earth. But, we are still learning/evolving, we are still playing our games that we call systems. We’ve just understood that we are exhausting our planet’s resources much too quickly. We must understand that we live in a planet with two “oceans” each one with different fluid densities; the Atmosphere “ocean” and the Sea “ocean.”

Of course, we live at the bottom of the first fluid ocean that we call Atmosphere and our origins may come form the second level ocean that we call Sea. Both fluid oceans are very interrelated, even more than we already know and we are polluting both. But since we are governed under several of our systems, like the political system and the money system, we are not taking the pollution seriously thus kicking the can down the road for future generations.

Are we going to witness the last polar bear drown because of the polar ice melting? Like “Melba” from the novel “Tears in Rain” from Spanish author Rosa Montero.

“We must protect our water. We may survive without oil but not without water”

I was working for a project as an IT consultant for one of the biggest companies in Mexico located in the city of Monterrey. I had the opportunity to chat with the owner of that company and I asked him about his thoughts related to the water pollution that maybe his company were doing and he replied to me using his business-man tone of voice that he didn’t care much about that and it will be a problem to solve for future generations. That sounds a little bit irresponsible for today’s generation, I said. Then he replied that there is always a degree of compromise as collateral damage from progress.

I still believe in more than just benefit or compromise that profit is always the real culprit. In other words, his message was; “I’m here today, the money is good, I’m rich and I don’t care about future generations, that will be their problem.”

“The higher the lifestyle the higher the pollution and natural resources consumption”

I don’t share the same thoughts many business owners all over the world have about compromising our planet. We shouldn’t compromise our future generations just for satisfying our present egos and comfortable lifestyles.

We must protect our water

When I was a kid I remember that the best teacher I ever had told us that in the near future we were going to buy water at the stores and over the time, the value of water will increase and many will profit from that and that was going to be a sad situation for humanity. At that moment I didn’t understand exactly why he was telling us that. I remember that I thought he was completely wrong because everyone used to drink water directly from the faucet and from the rivers without worrying about getting sick or running out of water.

How right he was! Today, I have to buy my drinking water because I don’t trust the water that is coming into my house, at least not for drinking.

We may end up fighting for water. Water may become the most wanted element on earth if we don’t start taking it seriously, and not partying like the “Green Party” (as Thomas L. Friedman describes it in his book “Hot, Flat, and Crowded”).

Honestly, we are not being serious about going “green.” It is just a green party, which makes us feel less guilty and doing nothing at the same time.

“Almost half of humanity will face water scarcity by 2030” (

My Dad used to work for one of the biggest construction companies in Mexico. He was traveling all over the country supervising many construction sites and most of them were dams. I remember that he told me that Mexico City was going to be one of the most populated cities in the world before 2000 and it will survive any obstacle to continue functioning and avoiding a major collapse. The only thing that may collapse Mexico City will be the water, water scarcity.

That will be a game changer. People will fight for water.

“Energy production from heat stored in water is our future”

The day we truly understand the close relationship and interface between the two “oceans” that day we will be able to generate enough energy for us without polluting the air and the water.

What Am I doing about it? Not much. I should be doing more for our water. Few months ago I joined the International Decade for Action “Water for Life” 2005-2015/UN-Water Decade Programme because I want to learn more about the water and what else I can do besides saving water at home.

I invite everyone to do the same, to join a program for preserving the water. Try to join a program with more real actions than just “party” events.

World Water Day


“AQUA is Life” is divided in two short parts, Ambient and Rock, electronic music improvisations mixed together having the water as the main theme. The first part is the Mystical section where water is the most precious element on earth. The second part is about the future use of water as our infinite source of energy and probably, as Arthur C. Clark basically stated in “The Songs of Distant Earth,” our ice shield for light speed intergalactic travels, or maybe as our weapon for unknown fired worlds in the universe?


For best performance use your headphones, turn-off the lights, play it loud, and drink lots of AQUA.


©Eduardo Nava – December 2012

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Terminal 2 Mexico City


Terminal 2 Mexico City Ambient Electronic Music.

Terminal 2 Mexico City” was recorded live at the Benito Juarez International Airport in January 2012.

It was a fun experiment with lots of sounds from all over the busy terminal while I was waiting for my flight.

I remember that people were looking at me wondering what I was doing with all my electronic gadgets hooked together for my music improvisation (Intento-50).

I was wearing my headphones with my notebook, my Kaossilator, my iPad, my Belkin star, and my digital recorder in hand.

Yes, I know, It was a perfect projection of the geek I am. But I really enjoyed the moment with my unusual inspiration and it was the best way to kill time before boarding time.

Every time that I listen to this improvisation it makes me feel as if I was there again.



A live recording using the NLog Pro Synth for the iPad, the original Korg Kaossilator (yellow brick), and the Zoom-H2 Handy Digital Recorder with very few digital edition using the Adobe Audition for noise reduction. No compression process, no MIDI, no hard-limiting process, and no normalizing process.

For best performance use your headphones, play it loud, and turn off the lights.

I hope you enjoy my improvisation just as I enjoyed recording it.

The photos were taken the same day using a Lumix DMC-ZS7 digital camera and edited using the “Rays” app for the iPad.

Have a Happy Holidays and a safe flight. Peace.

©Eduardo Nava – December 2012

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From Fantasy To Reality


From Fantasy To Reality – Ambient Electronic Music.

Life is a spontaneous live improvisation, a one-time complete 24/7 motion picture of you” EN-Nov2012

I wrote the above less-than-140-letter-sentence on Twitter a few days ago. I’m a true believer that everything that happens in the universe is a spontaneous improvisation. And, because of that, we humans are a part of something great and spontaneous.

During my teen years I was introduced to electronic music, but not the electronic music everyone listens to today. It was the early electronic music conceptualized as the pioneer of the technology for creating sounds never listened to before. There were groups and musicians who were synthesizer-heavy, who lead this new wave of electronic music like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michael Jarre, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Synergy, Mike Oldfield, Klaus Schulze, Tomita, Wendy Carlos, and many recent artists like Future Sound Of London, Airsculpture, RedShift, Jerome Froese, Radio Masacre International, Vanderson, The Orb, Tangram, Takla Makan, and many many others.

What I like the most is the live improvised electronic music. That is the genre that hit me the most and I have been following since then. I’m not a musician but I love to spend some time doing that, improvising electronic music which I call “Intentos“. Thanks to the “inexpensive” applications (apps) found today for the iPads, we can “transform” an iPad into a full blown synthesizer, sequencer, sampler, digital mixer, or recording studio.

From Fantasy To Reality” is exactly that. I do fantasize while I improvising with my iPad and other electronic gadgets to create an “Intento.” This Intento-60 is an extract of my previous Intento-59 without the ambient sounds and voices, just the improvised music. Of course, I’m aware that I constantly break the formal musical rules and my Intentos come with lots of errors, but that is the idea of a live performance, the idea of “music-on-the-fly.”

For best performance use your headphones, play it loud, and turn off the lights.

Thank you for reading and watching.


©Eduardo Nava – December 2012

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They Are Behind You

Suddenly she went into shock.

At first we thought she was acting, and faking it.

Few minutes passed by and she was still walking around the area our two daughters and dog disappeared three years ago without any trace.

Since then we have been searching them with no success. That strange woman was our last resource.

Her aspect was very uncommon for a Shaman woman. She was wearing very dark sunglasses even when the day was foggy. Her outfit was very classy with high heels and lots of fine jewelry.

-What is happening? My wife asked her using a skeptical tone.
-What are you doing?
-Do you see them?

–I lost them!! Quiet! She exclaimed through her clenched teeth.

Then she approached us, took our hands, and started walking around pulling us to each of her sides squeezing our hands insanely hard.

I was going to drop her hand and stop that charade when I saw her hair waving like if there were strong winds. Amazing!

Then she started to move her head from one side to the other like if she were following something with her sight.

On one of her very abrupt turns, the sunglasses flew away behind us like if the wind took them off her face but there was no wind at all! Only on her!

Then I saw her eyes, NO eyes, they were completely white!

She was whispering nonsense phrases like “It’s all over me!” and “What are you doing?

We were totally scared but quiet and walking together with her, at times in circles.

After several minutes she stopped and turned to us, in the middle of the small circle we formed without saying anything at all. Her hair, clothes, and jewelry were still waving like if those strong winds were really happening.

Her eyes started to turn from white to normal, my wife and I staring, full of wonder and intrigue.

She was squeezing our hands extremely hard but it didn’t matter. Something unusual and enigmatic was happening in front of us.

Then, somehow we didn’t feel fear anymore, quite the contrary notwithstanding what was happening, we were experiencing the most peaceful moment of our lives.

Perhaps we were feeling the highest hope ever since our nightmare. She draw a small smile on her face.

Time passed by and she was sweating with little convulsions, and her hair was all messed up.

Then, we started to listen to strange and scary voices, like if the echo was repeating voices from another time.

Then abruptly her eyes were normal, beautiful big brown eyes, the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Her sight wasn’t on us though, it was like if she were looking through us.

A few minutes later the wind stopped blowing on her and she released our hands, filled with pain and anguish.

Then she raised her arm, pointed to our backs saying with a scary voice, “They are behind you…

A Dark Ambient Electronic Music improvisation using the iPad with the NLog Synth, Mixtikl, and Bass Drop apps. Also, some ambient noises and voices recorded using a digital recorder and digitally mixed together using Adobe Audition. The music is intended to be used as the “soundtrack” for the “They Are Behind You” short story. It is the point of view of the Shaman woman, it is about what she is feeling, seeing, and hearing while she is working her magic together with the love of the parents in pain and despair.

For best performance turn off the lights and use your headphones.


©Eduardo Nava – November 2012

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