From Fantasy To Reality


From Fantasy To Reality – Ambient Electronic Music.

Life is a spontaneous live improvisation, a one-time complete 24/7 motion picture of you” EN-Nov2012

I wrote the above less-than-140-letter-sentence on Twitter a few days ago. I’m a true believer that everything that happens in the universe is a spontaneous improvisation. And, because of that, we humans are a part of something great and spontaneous.

During my teen years I was introduced to electronic music, but not the electronic music everyone listens to today. It was the early electronic music conceptualized as the pioneer of the technology for creating sounds never listened to before. There were groups and musicians who were synthesizer-heavy, who lead this new wave of electronic music like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michael Jarre, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Synergy, Mike Oldfield, Klaus Schulze, Tomita, Wendy Carlos, and many recent artists like Future Sound Of London, Airsculpture, RedShift, Jerome Froese, Radio Masacre International, Vanderson, The Orb, Tangram, Takla Makan, and many many others.

What I like the most is the live improvised electronic music. That is the genre that hit me the most and I have been following since then. I’m not a musician but I love to spend some time doing that, improvising electronic music which I call “Intentos“. Thanks to the “inexpensive” applications (apps) found today for the iPads, we can “transform” an iPad into a full blown synthesizer, sequencer, sampler, digital mixer, or recording studio.

From Fantasy To Reality” is exactly that. I do fantasize while I improvising with my iPad and other electronic gadgets to create an “Intento.” This Intento-60 is an extract of my previous Intento-59 without the ambient sounds and voices, just the improvised music. Of course, I’m aware that I constantly break the formal musical rules and my Intentos come with lots of errors, but that is the idea of a live performance, the idea of “music-on-the-fly.”

For best performance use your headphones, play it loud, and turn off the lights.

Thank you for reading and watching.


©Eduardo Nava – December 2012


About improvisaciones - raptor0017

"Improvisations" are short stories, anecdotes, photographs, and ambient/rock-electronic music spontaneously generated throughout the imagination. *Love to get lost into surreal art. *Remedios Varo is my favorite artist. *Tangerine Dream and most rock-electronic music are my passion. --- "Improvisaciones" son relatos, cuentos, anectdotas, fotografías, y música electronica generados de forma espontánea a través de la imaginación. *Amo perderme en el arte surrealista. *Remedios Varo es mi artista favorita. *Tangerine Dream y la musica rock-electronico son mi pasion. @Raptor0017MX
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