HOME: A Floating Sphere.

HOME: A floating sphere. (Part Two)

Nova-Earth 3057.

Is that the moon?

Or, is it HOME, the old floating sphere?

Sometimes, when the nights are foggy, it is hard to tell.

When my mom was eleven years old she predicted that the other humans were coming back to “PLANET“. She was right!

Dad says that my mom changed since then and has been very active traveling a lot as our luminary of Nova-Earth.

HOME is still active floating around our world doing its duties since it was built many centuries ago; cleaning up the air, regenerating the ozone layer, ionization of the atmosphere, fertilizing the fields, neutralizing the high radiation levels, and many many more specialized tasks.

My grandpa just turned 93 years old and he still recounts the 3012 milestone as if it was yesterday, always the same story: Year 3012: Look! They are coming!… (Part One)



Short Story: October 2011.
1st Photo: October 2011.
2nd Photo: November 2012 taken with Lumix DMC-TZ10 and edited with GIMP

Please click here to go to Part One.


©Eduardo Nava – November 2012

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Year 3012: Look! They are coming!…

Year 3012: Look! They are coming!…
(Part One)

Nobody remembers exactly what happened. After the BIG-EVENT we all live at HOME. We all have been living perfectly happy inside this crystal sphere floating around what we call PLANET. From time to time people travel to the bottom of HOME to watch the green surface and blue waters of PLANET. The elderly people say that many years ago PLANET wasn’t that green, they say it was gray and the sky was dark with no stars. Nobody knows who built HOME. Nobody questions anything.

The LEGEND says that many centuries ago people used to live on PLANET in big groups. They were very primitive and savage. They used to drive very dangerous machines, they used to poison the air, the water, always competing, and they were constantly killing each other. There was no peace and harmony.

The LEGEND also says that after the BIG-EVENT of PLANET humans were divided. Many humans went to outer space and others decided to stay at HOME.

She is an extremely intelligent, strange, and sad girl. She rarely speaks and when she does she either talks about the broken hologram of “Ancient Civilizations” or about the returning of the other humans to PLANET. Sometimes She is at the edge of HOME spending hours and hours looking at the green landscapes of PLANET like she wants to be there. No one is allowed to go outside HOME, as a matter of fact, no one has been out of HOME ever. She also spends a lot of time looking at the sky at nights whispering “they will come, they will come back.” She is very convinced that with every advanced civilization there is always a crucial moment when they want to return to their ancestors looking for answers.

I will never forget the day she started shouting pointing to the sky “SHHHH! LOOK!!! THEY ARE COMING!!!, SHHH!!!” That was the first day I saw her smiling, full of life!. Then we all started looking at the sky, there were little lights floating around the sky, getting bigger and bigger, coming to the direction of HOME.

She was right!, they were coming back! They were landing on PLANET!. “It’s amazing!!!…” she cried.

Those beautiful big brown eyes never knew that every time she was projecting the broken hologram she was signaling them to come back, not to HOME, but EARTH.”


Again, another live musical improvisation (“Music on the Fly”) using the Kaossilator Pro tabletop and the original Kaossilator tabletop synths. Very few digital editing for basic restoration (background noise reduction) and slow 360 stereo field rotate effects. No compressor, no MIDI, no hard limiting, no pan/expand effects, and no normalizing process. Few background voices, sound effects and a simple “mixing” using a Belkin star and recorded directly to a Zoom H2 (wav-format: 16bit, 44100Hz).

For best performance use your headphones and turn off the lights.

Short Story: September 2011.
Music: September 2010.
Photo: September 2012 taken with my mobile phone and edited with GIMP.

Please click here to go to Part Two.


©Eduardo Nava – November 2012

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Raptor0017’s Mask


“Behind every Mask there’s a shy person expressing his/her other self.” Raptor0017

Mask Artist: Maribel Sañudo
Diseño de la Comunicación Gráfica /
Visual Communication Design focusing on conceptual thinking.
Mexico City

Mask Origin/Inspiration:

Inspired by the African Wizards who wear a Mask for invoking natural spirits or supernatural beings.

Applying my experience with visual communication and combining materials, textures, natural colored paint, and a touch of originality used to design a unique Mask for a costume party back in 1999.

The goal was to make something easy to wear, stunning, and different with the materials at hand and with a low budget. The result was tremendous as the Mask has won first place in several costume parties.” Maribel

Raptor0017 and the Mask:
The name Raptor0017 is the nickname from someone very close to me. That will be another story. For now, the Mask and Raptor0017’s name combination was the spark needed to create an online identity to project my ‘Intentos‘ (improvisations) like music, short stories, photos, graphics, tweets, etc.

As with Latin and African wizards who manifest themselves behind a Mask, Raptor0017 mimics the same idea but without invoking spirits or using spells and hexes and other real wizard practices. No magic here, just some fantasy, fiction, random, and abstract things combined together through the imagination. Raptor0017 uses music as a vehicle to transfer himself anywhere at anytime avoiding the cage of limiting lyrics.

Improvisation is Raptor0017s key. It is a very satisfying practice to start something with a blank mind and then build a concept from the ideas of the moment without the use of strict formal rules.

From abstract to concrete is our human nature. We live in an infinite universe but like to form patterns, count things, operate with concrete schemes, and play inside boxed games.



The following is an Intento (music improvisation) “composed on the fly” named “Sounds Crazy!” using the iPhone with NLog Synthesizer app, Korg Kaossilator-Pro tabletop-synth, and Korg MicroKorg synth:

Very few digital editing for basic restoration (background noise reduction). No MIDI, no compressor, no hard limiting, no pan/expand effects, and no normalizing process. Recorded directly to a Zoom H2 (wav-format: 16bit, 44100Hz).



Thank you for reading.

©Eduardo Nava – October 2012

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Musica Electronica

Luz Blanca is Musica Electronica

“–Luz Blanca is Musica Electronica–“


“Very strange improvisation…
cuz I started to play empty…
no feelings, no meaning…
stuck in a loop…
in a loop…
a loop…

but, suddenly…
I got hooked into the…
open spaces!…
space sounds!…
full of energy!…
let it go…
let it go…
luz blanca!!…

a mixture of feelings…
open spaces!!…
space sounds!!…
full of energy!!…
luz blanca!!!…
let it go…
let it go…
luz blanca!!!…

let it go…
let it go…
fooling around with luz blanca…
Luz Blanca is…
Musica Electronica!!!…”

“Music dedicated to the pioneers of…
electronic music…
who started everything…
in the early 70’s”

An Ambient/Space Electronic Music improvisation using tabletop synthesizers with very few digital editing for basic restoration (background noise reduction), and slow 360 stereo field rotate effects. No compressor, no hard limiting, no pan/expand effects, no MIDI, and no normalizing process. Recorded live directly to a Zoom H2 digital recorder (wav-format: 16bit, 44100Hz).

I hope you enjoyed it.


©Eduardo Nava – October 2012

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Bright Light Night

“Be careful with the fast moving lights at night, always look-up to the sky!!… RRUUUNNN!!!”

Back in 1989 my friend and I spent the weekend at her family house located at Valle de Bravo in Mexico, right next to the lake.

I remember it was around 10:00PM and the sky was clear with no clouds and no moon. The stars were very bright and we were sitting facing the lake, a really nice view in a perfect cold night.

After a few minutes we saw a very bright light in the sky like a very big star. At first we didn’t pay much attention to it, we kept talking and talking. I don’t remember what we were talking about but after a few minutes I started to wonder what was that light, it was still there. I’m sure it wasn’t an airplane because the light was standing still exactly in the same place for more than 5 minutes. Of course it wasn’t a helicopter because there was no sound at all and the night was very quiet. A balloon? No, time passed and the light was exactly at the same position now for more than 20 minutes or so.

Suddenly the light moved toward us a little bit, very slowly, then, it moved very fast to the left and then disappeared into the horizon. “–Que onda?” was my first expression. “–What was that?“, she asked. “–I have no idea!“, I replied.

Today, I still have questions about that bright light my friend and I saw at that night in Valle de Bravo.

The truth is that I’m a little skeptical about UFOs flying our skies. Few years after the “bright light night” event I read Carl Sagan’sThe Demon-Haunted World” book and I pretty much agree with his point of view. Although I have to admit that I’m still searching for real hard facts about UFOs.

The above event was the inspiration for my music improvisation (Intento-51) “Electronic Abduction at 51” It is the soundtrack for a very short sci-fi story about a young couple in the field loving each other when suddenly they see some bright lights in the sky approaching very fast towards them. They get scared and their first reaction is to run to hide under an abandoned train wagon. Then, they thought the bright lights already left and decided to go out and leave that place as soon as possible. Just few steps later the bright lights appeared on top of them leaving them surprisingly frozen with no chance to run, and exposed to abduction:

What are those lights?!

-Oh!!! NO!!!…




-Oh GOD!!!…



For best performance use your headphones and turn-off the lights.

I hope you enjoyed it.


©Eduardo Nava – October 2012

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Arriving At Chichen-Itza 2012

Cenote Ik'Kil - Blue Sinkhole

The Change is close

We all humans must change in order to live in peace and harmony. The Mayans never predicted the End of The World, they predicted a change for a better world for all of us.

We are a constantly evolving living beings, more conscious, more intelligents, always learning and understanding our environment.

Chichen-Itza 2012

Sometimes in order to change we need to collapse, then, we learn, we understand, and we rise again.

We grow up, we evolve.

Maybe that’s the message ancient civilizations wanted us to learn. Maybe we are close to a change.

We are still children playing our own games. Games that we call systems, like the money system that only exist in our minds. Many are cheating the game leaving others confused and desperate. All is in our minds.

Most of our games are getting outdated, we need to learn new and more fascinating games. Until we reach the day we no longer need to play games and start living our lives full of joy.

Maybe that’s all this is about. We need to stop the game. Bang! Stop the game! Open your mind!

I have a strong faith in the human race. I believe we are close to a change for a better human.

Do you share the same feeling?

This feeling was the inspiration for my improvised music called “Arriving at Chichen-Itza 2012.”

The first part is about our present time and that we all are coming together to a mystical place looking for a better way of life. The second part is a representation of all humans living in peace and harmony after the change, after the game stops.

I want to share with you that feeling. Please sit back, tun off the lights, relax and play it loud. For best performance use your headphones:

I hope you enjoyed it.


©Eduardo Nava – September 2012

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The Stars Are Dancing

“My stars are dancing. My cluster is vibrating. My universe is changing. My mind is evolving. My planets are aligning.

My stars are vibrating. My cluster is changing. My universe is evolving. My mind is aligning. My planets are dancing.

My Stars are changing. My cluster is evolving. My universe is aligning. My mind is dancing. My planets are vibrating.

My stars are evolving. My cluster is aligning. My universe is dancing. My mind is vibrating. My planets are changing.

My stars are aligning. My cluster is dancing. My universe is vibrating. My mind is changing. My planets are evolving.

My stars are dancing. My cluster is vibrating. My universe is changing. My mind is evolving. My planets are aligning”

A trip to my inner self, took a picture of my mind, then I came back

Another Space/Ambient Electronic Music improvisation that speaks about the astonishing cluster of stars dancing in my mind.

El día de hoy decidí hacer un viaje al fantástico universo de mi mente y me encontré que las estrellas estaban bailando. Les pude tomar una foto y tomé mi camino de regreso.

Dicho viaje e imagen estan representados en este intento musical tipo Space/Ambient.


©Eduardo Nava – September 2012

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From A Sunny Day To A Hail Storm

An audio recording of a catastrophic event. Play it loud!.
Grabación del audio de un evento catastrófico!.

“Oh! my God!!”, she cried…

It was a very hot sunny afternoon with lots of puffy clouds and no wind. My friends and I were at the house located a few miles from the beach. In the distance we saw a dark thunderstorm. We never imagined that in less than 45 minutes the weather would change drastically.

The rain came very quickly and suddenly bringing a warm and humid atmosphere with no winds which alarmed me because rain normally brings light and cool winds. The sky went dark, the birds stopped singing and flew for refuge. Every couple of minutes the rain fell down even harder. The thunder and lightning also increased in intensity. Then, out of the humid-rung clouds, golf-sized hail started to fall. In the recording you can actually hear the hail hitting the side of the house, damaging everything that was left outside. Then the wind changed, it became cool and violent, and with the hail now being the size of tennis balls we started to worry. Amazing as it was, I couldn’t just enjoy the hail, I was worrying about the house roof, my car, and the trees outside. But the climax in this story was when lightning hit a few yards from us leaving everyone looking outside temporarily blind due to the intensity of the flash. While we were recovering from the lightning strike we realized that the hail was no longer falling straight down onto us, but it was coming to us in a horizontal manner like if they were cannon balls. Unfortunately that’s when I had to stop my recording and seek shelter.

Surprisingly enough, after 45 minutes, the storm passed and the sun came back out. We went out to the street and it seemed like a war-zone. Windows were broken, trees no longer held leaves, branches polluted the streets, cars had massive dents on them with broken windshields, trash was everywhere, broken streetlights, broken stoplights, and many more incidents.

Era un día soleado y cálido rodeado de voluminosas nubes y nada de viento. Mis amigos y yo estabamos en la casa localizada a unos kilomentros de la playa. A distancia se veia el cielo obscuro en dirección hacia nosotros. Nunca nos imaginamos que en menos de 45 minutos el clima iba a cambiar drasticamente.

Llegó la lluvía pero el ambiente seguia muy caliente, eso me llamó mucho la atención ya que normalmente cuando se acerca la lluvía viene acompañada de vientos usualmente frescos. Esta vez no fue asi, empezó a llover poco a poco pero el aire seguia caliente y no habia viento. El cielo se obscureció rápidamente, los pájaros dejaron de cantar y volaron buscando refugio. A los pocos minutos después la lluvía comenzó a caer con más intensidad y los relampagos se incrementaron mas. Después de unos minutos mas comenzó a caer granizo pero el ambiente seguia humedo, cálido y sin viento. De repente, el granizo creció y ahora era del tamaño de una pelota de golf. En la grabación se puede escuchar como comenzaba a pegar por todos lados el granizo. Posteriormente, el aire cambió de temperatura, se empezó a sentir algo de viento frío y el granizo siguió creciendo, era increible, y ahora del tamaño de una pelota de tenis. Fué en ese momento cuando mis amigos y yo empezamos a preocuparnos pues podiamos ver como golpeaba los techos de las casas, los techos de los autos, y los arboles. El momento crucial fue cuando cayó un relampago muy cerca de nosotros que hasta nos dejó ciegos por unos instantes acompañado de granizo ahora casi como una naranja pero ya no caia en forma vertical, y, debido al fuerte viento helado el ganizo venia en dirección casi horizontal como si fueran balas de cañón!.

Desafortunadamente ya no pude seguir grabando mas porque tuvimos que buscar donde protegernos ya que los vidrios de las ventanas comenzaron a romperse y el viento, el granizo, y el agua se metió a la casa.

Impresionantemente, a los casi 45 minutos, la tormenta pasó y volvió a salir el sol. Salimos a la calle y parecia que habia estallado la guerra ya que el escenario era tétrico. Todos los vidrios de las casas estaban rotos, los arboles no tenian hojas, muchas ramas tiradas, los autos estaban totalmente abollados y sin cristales, basura por todos lados, los jardines destrozados, las lámparas del alumbrado público rotas, los semáforos rotos, etc.


©Eduardo Nava – September 2012

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Playa del Carmen 2012

A true paradise: Playa del Carmen, México. What else can I say?

Please take a look at the following video for more images about Playa del Carmen:

Ambient Electronic Music inspired on my last trip to “Playa” (as locals call it).

Playa is located very close to Cancun, Cozumel, and Chichen-Itza.

The food is awesome, the Hotels are top of the class, the people are extremely nice, the area is very secure and there are visitors from all over the world.

There are many things to do, attractions, and must-see-places all over Playa. That is why I strongly suggest to spend at least 3 weeks to feel the complete Playa experience.


©Eduardo Nava – August 2012

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Haunted Ajusco

Haunted Ajusco

“We used to spend many weekends at the Ajusco forest, a dark forest with tall trees and a dense fog. There is a legend that at the top of the forest a beautiful woman got lost and her ghost is still dancing around the trees deep in the fog.

It is known that if you camp in that area she will come and talk to you with her beautiful smile and sunglasses, like if she were still hiking, and she will make you hallucinate and take you with her into the Haunted Ajusco forest!

We had a scary experience in our last camping trip close to the Haunted Ajusco area. It was so real! We were taking some drinks at twilight when we saw her emerging from the dense fog making very strange sounds. Suddenly we all started to jump, dance, shout, and behave in a very abnormal way like if we were her puppets.

When I woke up my ability to be able to differentiate between dream and reality was blurred. I woke up feeling groggy and feverish. The worst part though? Everyone else behaved as if nothing had ever happened”

Existe la leyenda de que en la parte superior del bosque del Ajusco una hermosa mujer se ​​perdió y su fantasma sigue divagando alrededor de los árboles durante los dias de profunda y espesa niebla.

Se dice que campistas que se han quedado durante esos dias de intensa niebla han experimentado la presencia del fantasma de esta mujer de una hermosa sonrisa con gafas para el sol que aparece haciendo ruidos muy singulares e hipnoticos que terminan perdiendolos dentro del bosque encantado del Ajusco!.


©Eduardo Nava – July 2012

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