Tangerine Dream – London Dominion 1982

Perhaps “LOGOS” is one of the best albums from Tangerine Dream (TD), the pioneers of rock electronic music. Pure original live electronic music!

LOGOS is the best music to travel to the life fantastic! Each time that I listen to this recording it takes me to amazing places thruought my imagination, everytime is different and I discover new sounds and emotions. There are few recordings that contains such a magic formula for me and LOGOS definitely is one of them. The original concert was about 2 hours long.

LOGOS LIVE - Tangerine Dream

I recall when I bought the LOGOS LP back in 1983, it took me by surprise because I didn’t expect it. Remember that there was no Internet in those days and the information about foreign electronic groups were very hard to find, at least that happened in my country, Mexico. The only resource I had was to browse for TD LP’s in the imported sections at the music stores, and that was it! It was a real tresure hunt searching for all those gems.

Also, it was a surprise for me to learn that my “rare” LOGOS LP was a limited mexican edition, a very high quality, crystal clear edition (typo included!). As you can see in the above picture (Side A) it has no scratches or dust. I used to transfer it to a cassette tape to preserve the LP as clean as possible thruought the years. Of course I don’t have cassette tapes anymore, many years ago I bought the UK CD release, also from Virgin Records.

Below is the official release for you to enjoy (more than 45 minutes). Relax, tun off the lights, play it loud, and sit back to a trip to the life fantastic: LOGOS LIVE.



Edgar Froese
Christopher Franke
Johannes Schmoelling

LOGOS has been divided in many parts:

Logos Intro
Logos Cyan
Logos Velvet
Logos Red
Logos Blue
Logos Black
Logos Green
Logos Yellow
Logos Coda

LOGOS Velvet, LOGOS Blue, and Dominion are the most played parts. LOGOS Velvet is the part that has many re-makes and the most “different” version is the following:







©Eduardo Nava – July 2012


About improvisaciones - raptor0017

"Improvisations" are short stories, anecdotes, photographs, and ambient/rock-electronic music spontaneously generated throughout the imagination. *Love to get lost into surreal art. *Remedios Varo is my favorite artist. *Tangerine Dream and most rock-electronic music are my passion. --- "Improvisaciones" son relatos, cuentos, anectdotas, fotografías, y música electronica generados de forma espontánea a través de la imaginación. *Amo perderme en el arte surrealista. *Remedios Varo es mi artista favorita. *Tangerine Dream y la musica rock-electronico son mi pasion. @Raptor0017MX
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